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About  Clarissa 

Oh Hey!

I’m Clarissa Bromelle - Pivot Mentor at Applebaum. 

Empowering women to change their brings me deep joy. l am showing up to be the woman I needed when things were tough.


I know how it feels to have big and bold intentions, but have them quashed or put on hold when life gets in the way.

As a costume designer I worked with so many brilliant teams and actors, Smack The Pony, French & Saunders I have even trained in a gym with Brad Pit! At the height of my career as a costume designer I designed a drama series for the BBC starring Jessica Oyellowo , Alistair McGowan and Louise Brealey. Caitlin Moran my favourite feminist author from The Sunday Times wrote:


“ feels like the first show since Sex and the City where someone is having fun dressing the female characters. Clarissa Bromelle, costume designer — we salute you.''

And just like career was over as I had a baby. 

My little boy was born 17 weeks early, weighing just 1 pound. He had complex health issues that needed my full attention. Filming schedules didn’t accommodate that, and I didn’t have the support of a partner. So I had to focus on him at home. It was just the two of us.

Clarissa and Zeb.jpg

I had gained a very special baby, but lost a lot too. I struggled with PTSD and PND. There were some true moments of bleakness. But, during this time I had the most incredible dream. In the dream my life was successful; full of joy and abundance.


I dreamt of an apple tree: from a seed being planted into the dirt, taking root, blossoming, and finally standing tall filled with beautiful fruit.

It was profound. 


Within the dream I was speaking in fluent German (I don't speak German). I awoke filled with joy, hope and a vision that life would be brilliant. It was golden and filled my entire body with hope. I awoke saying it's name over and over again and wrote it down. 

My dream was Applebaum. ( German for Apple tree) 

''As women we have the power  to change our narrative at any point ''

Cultivating Creativity

That wasn’t the end of my journey.


I missed working with amazing actors, directors, and producers, and I needed an outlet for my creative energy but I often felt trapped at home. 


So, I used the gifts that I had to hand at that moment - cooking and photography - and set up one of the UK’s first ever Supper Clubs: The Unthank Supper Club. We went from a few keen and loyal diners to nearly 2000 members. 


Along the way I learned social media and PR, and I went on to run campaigns for a group of small luxury brands until becoming an events producer in Tech.


From there I became the Creative Director of an award-winning events agency, spearheading a unique 360 degree brand of experiential events for global CEO’s and their teams. For 5 years I worked with the top 1%. It gave me great insight into big business and it’s mindset.


And then Covid hit and, like many, I lost my job.

Why work to the point of burnout for somebody else's dream while ignoring your own?


Losing my job was a blessing: I had been ignoring the true essence of my entrepreneurial self! I had been working for someone elses dream and ignoring my own. 


So, during lockdown I became a qualified coach and a meditation teacher. I trained in brand storytelling, passive marketing strategy and public speaking, performing my first ever public speech at the Female Founders summit 'Speak You' with an audience of 100. 

It was equally nerve wracking and brilliant. I’d gone from an overworked burnt-out ‘yes’ girl to empowering creative women to grow flourishing into a fully aligned businesses.


That’s my Applebaum dream come true… each time I help a woman who is struggling to see her own assets and to plant new seeds and then put them into action it truly brings me so much joy.


My Applebaum dream has not just helped me, it's helping every woman who works with me too. 

Applebaum feels like a quest to assist every woman who has known struggle pivot into her power. 


Through Applebaum, I help women locate their big intention, create a new vision, set goals, create action plans and hold them accountable whilst still prioritising their wellbeing, so that their success is sustainable.

I am so grateful to my inner wisdom for sending me my mission all of those years ago so that I can share my years of expertise to help you thrive and work to your true power and purpose. Applebaum is more than just me, it is in you.


You have the gifts to plant your new seeds to your thriving and abundant future, it is already inside you. I am just here to guide you through it.


I believe we all have an inner wisdom to guide us when we are aligned with our true purpose.


You can make your dream business happen too. 

Time is UP on going last!


I know what you’re thinking.....

“is now the right time?”

Let just me say this, if you have an idea that sparks excitement within you, then there is never going to be a 'right time'..

The truth is, if you’re waiting for the perfect moment or for someone to give you ‘permission’ to go after what you want, you’re going to spend the rest of your life waiting.


Now is the time to take the leap and turn your intention into action.


Say “No!” to being stuck in this place that makes you so unhappy and unfulfilled. 


Say “Yes!” to putting yourself first and creating the success you want.

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